The SMART Revolution
is coming.

Virtual Agents

Finance - Credit Card
Travel and Leisure - Airline
Telco - Mobile Phone Provider
Hospitality - Hotel Reservations
Retail - Women's Clothing
Real Estate - Housing Rentals
Insurance - Auto
Logistics - Shipping and Receiving

Your New Call Center Agents are









A to B



Able to follow instructions'









Results driven

Customer Service Oriented

Times are Changing

Keep your Customers

Streamline & Economize

You might be thinking...

Adding yet another service to the mix could complicate things even more.

Think AGAIN!

SMARTY Agents Streamline operations, by cutting down on bulky services and reducing your costs.

AI and Automation that actually makes sense to your customers

SMARTIES streamline customer service operations by providing accurate information to customers and staff through voice automation, an intelligent IVR, knowledge-based bots and chat bot wizards.   They provide actual answers.  They don’t just say they can understand full sentences, they actually do.

We have developed a very effective customized and proprietary language model algorithm that leverages several engines, including OpenAI GPT4 (the engine behind chatGPT) + PaLM, Meta's LLaMA and Google’s LaMDA.


AI-Powered Support

SMARTY Agents, from voice automation to knowledge-based bots, reduce call volumes while boosting customer satisfaction and staff loyalty. Our AI-driven support is designed to provide seamless and efficient assistance across multiple channels.

Revolutionize support with AI-driven SMARTY Agents

AI-Powered Support

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Chat Bot Multitasker

SMARTIES work across platforms, from calls to chatbots, Facebook Messenger, and SMS, ensuring quick responses wherever your customers are, enhancing their experience with your brand.

Seamless customer service across all platforms.

Chat Bot Multitasker

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Dynamic Knowledge-Based Bot

Our innovative knowledge base is designed using real customer data, ensuring relevant and accurate information, tailored to your users' needs. No more bulky searches, only helpful results.

A knowledge base that truly understands your customers.

Dynamic Knowledge-Based Bot

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Advanced Voice Automation

SMARTIES streamline customer service operations by providing accurate information to customers and staff through voice automation, an intelligent IVR, knowledge-based bots and chat bot wizards.   They provide actual answers.  They don’t just say they can understand full sentences, they actually do.

Let our AI-driven SMARTIES solve your customer’s problems with intelligent voice dialogue automation.

Advanced Voice Automation

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Intelligent Insights

Harness the power of monitoring technology that collates advanced journey analytics across all service channels. Predict customer needs and pain points, enabling your business to proactively address issues and enhance the overall customer experience.

Stay ahead with customer-centric analytics

Intelligent Insights

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Secure, Compliant, Confidential, Private

Leveraging HTTPS secure, PCI, and HIPAA compliance, SMARTIES safeguard privacy for you and your customers. Rely on our dedication to data protection.

Secure data, peace of mind.

Secure, Compliant, Confidential, Private

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Expertly Trained & Loyal

SMARTIES take time to train, but they excel at learning new policies and staying loyal to your brand, ensuring they're always prepared to address your customers' needs.

Expertly trained and dedicated AI agents.

Expertly Trained & Loyal

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Articulate & Brand-Focused

SMARTIES are well-spoken and follow instructions, always prioritizing your brand's image. They provide customer service that's aligned with your company's values, ensuring accurate and consistent communication.

Exceptional AI agents upholding your brand's integrity.

Articulate & Brand-Focused

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Enhanced IVR Experience

Elevate your IVR with SMARTIES for quality, data-driven conversations. Providing accurate answers to common and unique questions, ensuring customer satisfaction in every situation.

Upgrading IVR for optimal customer interactions.

Enhanced IVR Experience

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Unwavering Reliability

SMARTIES never miss a day, always providing top-notch service, consistently delivering quality assistance to your customers and elevating their experience with your brand.

Reliable AI agents for unwavering support.

Unwavering Reliability

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Smart Agent Desktop

Equip your team with natural language and intuitive technologies to swiftly interpret customer requests. Empower your agents with tools to enhance their knowledge and deliver unparalleled customer support.

Empower agents with smart desktop tools

Smart Agent Desktop

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CRM Solutions

Empower your Contact Center Platform or your CRM to transform your customer experience. Leverage SMARTY to streamline operations and improve customer interactions. We currently support seamless integration with platforms such as: Five9, Talkdesk, Nice CXone, Genesys Cloud CX, Salesforce and more.

Optimize your customer journey

CRM Solutions

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Cloud Advantages

Seamlessly move your call center into the cloud for greater agility, unity, and future-proofing. Embrace the competitive benefits of cloud transformation to optimize operations and ensure a more efficient, cost-effective business model.

Unleash the power of cloud transformation

Cloud Advantages

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Network & Infrastructure

Discover the perfect approach and system to meet your contact operations demands while keeping customers satisfied. Tailor your networking services and infrastructure to enhance support and optimize overall efficiency.

Customized solutions for customer happiness

Network & Infrastructure

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Always Professional

Smarties maintain a professional demeanor, even when customers are difficult. They focus on delivering the right answers, ensuring a positive experience for your clients.

Professional and unflappable AI customer support.

Always Professional

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CX Mastery

Provide consistent, high-quality service for your customers through fully integrated live chat and our contact center performance management tools. Enhance and refine customer experience with strategic CX management.

Elevate customer experience with CX management

CX Mastery

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How much does it cost?

A fraction of the cost of an actual agent


smart small office

Tiny Fraction of the Cost of a Receptionist.


smart IVR replacement

Price comparable to a normal IVR but significantly smarter.


SMARTY Agent - like a live agent, fully trained and talented

Price is Significantly Lower than a Full-Time Employee.

Who our services are for, OR... not?

For YOU if...

  • Your aim is to smoothly and seamlessly scale up your customer service team during times of increased demand.

  • Your goal is to provide customer service that is consistently courteous and professional, regardless of the situation at hand.

  • You seek to optimize overall efficiency by automating tasks and inquiries that are complex and only your best agents are able to answer.  

  • You're looking for a more economical and efficient substitute for live call center agents without compromising on quality.

NOT for you if...

  • You're not interested in SMARTY Agents who maintain professionalism with difficult customers and prioritize delivering accurate solutions for a positive client experience.

  • You are unaware that utilizing advanced AI technology, your business can ensure secure and specialized communication for highly sensitive information, leading to streamlined processes and improved overall efficiency.

  • Reliable and loyal customer service agents who are fully trained and excel at learning new policies at a fraction of the cost of a virtual agent is not at the top of your list. 

For YOU if...

  • You place emphasis on having a professional and skilled first point of contact to make a good impression on your callers.

  • You are searching for an AI-guided scheduling companion that can oversee appointments and work in conjunction with your team.

  • You're searching for a scalable technology solution that can evolve with your small office's needs.

NOT for you if...

  • Your have a first point of contact who is currently providing accurate information to your customers, is easily trained on new policies and protocals and adds a personalized brand centric voice to your business.  She is why your customers are there!

  • You have a receptionist being a positive representative of your brand and providing excellent customer service at all times. Not to mention, she’s always on time and never calls off. 

  • You're satisfied with the status quo and aren't interested in exploring new solutions to improve your customer service operations.

For YOU if...

  • Your goal is to find a solution that can handle spikes in call volume while maintaining service quality.

  • You are seeking to augment your present IVR system with advanced capabilities and features that increases customer satisfaction and reduce your operating expenses.

  • You recognize the importance of customer interactions and are considering investing in a solution that can enhance your ability to communicate with your customers while still reducing your overall costs.

NOT for you if...

  • Your organization is satisfied with its current customer service operations and does not prioritize improving the customer experience through advanced IVR and chatbot features.

  • Your organization isn't big on efficiency and streamlining customer service operations.

  • You are not keen on having an innovative knowledge base that is customized to meet the needs of your users, created with actual customer data to deliver precise and pertinent information without the need for cumbersome searches.

Contact Us for Demo & Pricing

Our team is just a click away, ready to demonstrate our system, assist you with questions and  provide you with the information you need.


Single Truth Source

Access a single source of truth for all touchpoints, ensuring accurate, consistent information across channels.

Omni-Channel Support

Provide seamless support across voice calls, text messaging, web chat, and email for a unified customer experience.

Enhanced Experience

Offer a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for your customers, meeting their needs with ease.

Fix Knowledge Gaps

Identify and address knowledge gaps in existing resources to ensure comprehensive customer support.

Instant Accuracy

Get instant, accurate answers on any channel, ensuring timely and efficient customer support.

38% More Productive

Boost productivity by up to 38% compared to live agents, maximizing efficiency and performance.

Brand Perception

Enhance brand perception and customer loyalty through consistent, high-quality support.

Engaging Answers

Keep customers engaged with simple or comprehensive answers and links to existing content and journeys.

Complete Transactions

Let customers complete entire transactions with the help of SMARTY agents for a seamless experience.

In-Depth Analytics

Use combined analytics for insights into common contact scenarios, limitations, and customer behavior.

Brand Consistency

SMARTY agents use a tone consistent with your brand, offering intuitive support based on in-house practices.

Quick Training

Train SMARTY agents in a fraction of the time compared to live agents, saving resources and time.

Boost Your Profits

Increase your bottom line by adopting SMARTY agents to optimize efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Workforce Reduction

Decrease live agent workforce by up to 47% in 6 months, streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Lower Expenses

Decrease operating expenses by implementing SMARTY agents, enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer service experience and satisfaction through the use of SMARTY agents.

Hands-Free Training

Enjoy hassle-free, hands-free training for SMARTY agents with our comprehensive support.

Tech Implementation Steps


Submit SOPs & Policies

Provide your SOPs and policies for SMARTY training.

SMARTY Training

We train your SMARTY using the materials and observing senior reps.

Integration & Setup

We integrate customer records and data sources as needed.

Deployment Ready

Within 2-6 weeks, your SMARTY Agent is ready for deployment.

Join the Waitlist

Sign Up now and get on the early access list.


We have developed a very effective customized and proprietary language model algorithm that leverages several engines, including OpenAI GPT4 (the engine behind chatGPT) + PaLM, Meta's LLaMA and Google’s LaMDA.

You will not be charged anything UNLESS your system is fully set up and 100% ready for you to test drive.
UNTIL you decide you are ready to have SMARTIES deployed for your customers.

The Revolution

Learn more about our SMARTY Agents and the customized solutions they can provide to your Call Center.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does voice automation benefit my business?

Voice automation using our SMARTY Agent streamlines customer service, reduces call handling time, improves customer satisfaction, and cuts operational costs by providing accurate information quickly and efficiently.

Can SMARTY Agent integrate with our existing CRM or other systems?

Yes, SMARTY Agent can seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM and data sources to provide personalized and context-aware customer support.

How does SMARTY Agent handle multiple communication channels?

SMARTY Agent is designed to provide omnichannel support, handling voice calls, text messaging, web chat, and email, ensuring a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

What industries can benefit from SMARTY Agent services?

SMARTY Agent services are suitable for various industries, including telco, hospitality, retail, real estate, insurance, logistics, food and entertainment, medical, and automotive.

How do I train SMARTY Agent for my specific business needs?

You provide us with your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and policies. We then train your SMARTY Agent using these materials and by observing your senior representatives in action.

How long does it take to implement SMARTY Agent in my business?

The implementation process typically takes between 2-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of your business requirements and integrations needed.

Is SMARTY Agent secure and compliant with data protection regulations?

Yes, our platform is SOC-2, PCI/DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR compliant, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your customer data.

Can SMARTY Agent understand and respond to complex customer queries?

Absolutely! SMARTY Agent is designed to comprehend and respond to complex questions, providing accurate answers, and engaging customers in a natural, conversational manner.

Can SMARTY Agent help reduce my customer support costs?

Yes, by deploying SMARTY Agent in your business, you can decrease your live agent workforce, boost productivity, and lower operating expenses, resulting in cost savings.

How do I know if SMARTY Agent is right for my business?

SMARTY Agent is suitable for businesses looking to enhance their customer support, streamline operations, and improve customer satisfaction. If you're unsure, we recommend exploring our use cases and assessing how SMARTY Agent aligns with your business needs.

Industry Use Case

Travel & Leisure

Use Case:
Handling booking inquiries, cancellations, and rescheduling efficiently
Pain Point:
Managing a high volume of booking changes and customer inquiries during peak travel seasons or unforeseen events.
SMARTY Agent swiftly processes booking changes and addresses customer concerns, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.


Use Case:
Addressing service outages and billing inquiries
Pain Point:
Quickly responding to customer concerns about service disruptions, outages, or billing issues.
SMARTY Agent provides real-time outage updates, assists with billing questions, and guides customers on how to resolve issues, improving customer relations.


Use Case:
Simplifying policy information and claim processing
Pain Point:
Addressing complex policy inquiries and efficiently managing claim requests.
SMARTY Agent demystifies policy details, clarifies coverage, and streamlines the claims process, enhancing customer trust and loyalty.


Use Case:
Scheduling vehicle services and addressing customer concerns
Pain Point:
Coordinating service appointments and handling various customer inquiries.
SMARTY Agent books service appointments, provides maintenance updates, and answers vehicle-related questions, optimizing customer support.


Use Case:
Managing appointment scheduling and patient inquiries
Pain Point:
Handling high volumes of appointment requests and addressing patient concerns.
SMARTY Agent streamlines appointment booking, shares clinic information, and answers general health inquiries, improving patient experiences.


Use Case:
Assisting with account management and fraud prevention
Pain Point:
Addressing account inquiries and proactively detecting fraudulent activities.
SMARTY Agent helps with account-related questions, tracks suspicious activities, and supports fraud prevention efforts, ensuring customer security.


Use Case:
Resolving connectivity issues and managing plan changes
Pain Point:
Troubleshooting network problems and processing plan modifications.
SMARTY Agent guides customers through connectivity troubleshooting, assists with plan changes, and clarifies billing details, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Food and Entertainment

Use Case:
Processing orders and addressing customer concerns
Pain Point:
Managing high volumes of orders and handling customer complaints.
SMARTY Agent takes orders, addresses menu inquiries, and handles customer complaints promptly, ensuring a seamless customer experience.


Use Case:
Managing room bookings and addressing guest inquiries
Pain Point:
Handling reservation changes and addressing various guest concerns.
SMARTY Agent facilitates room bookings, assists with special requests, and answers guest inquiries, improving overall guest satisfaction.


Use Case:
Assisting with product inquiries and order tracking
Pain Point:
Providing prompt support for product questions and order status updates.
SMARTY Agent helps customers with product information, tracks order status, and handles returns or exchanges, boosting customer loyalty.

Real Estate - Housing and Rentals

Use Case:
Providing property information and scheduling viewings
Pain Point:
Responding to property inquiries and coordinating viewing appointments.
SMARTY Agent shares property details, answers common questions, and schedules viewings, streamlining the rental or purchase process.


Use Case:
Managing shipment tracking and addressing customer inquiries
Pain Point:
Providing real-time shipment updates and handling various customer concerns.
SMARTY Agent offers shipment tracking, resolves shipping issues, and answers customer inquiries, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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